$JSI Token Launched on Chinese New Year (Feb 1st, 2022), Year of the Tiger.



  • check, check list, hook-1769866.jpgWebsite Launch
  • check, check list, hook-1769866.jpgExposure on Telegram and Twitter
  • check, check list, hook-1769866.jpgDeploy Smart Contract
  • check, check list, hook-1769866.jpgList on Decentralized Exchange (Pancakeswap)
  • check, check list, hook-1769866.jpgAdd Liquidity and Create Token Pair
  • check, check list, hook-1769866.jpgLock LP on Liquidity Locker
  • check, check list, hook-1769866.jpgPromoted on Coinsniper (https://coinsniper.net/coin/24655)
  • check, check list, hook-1769866.jpgAdvertise on Jade Shiba Tesla Model 3
  • check, check list, hook-1769866.jpgA1 Sweets Restaurant (Scarborough location only) Accepts $JSI as Payment
  • check, check list, hook-1769866.jpgJade Shiba YouTube Channel        
  • check, check list, hook-1769866.jpgNFT Market Place on OpenSea
  • check, check list, hook-1769866.jpgJade Shiba Charity Foundation
  • check, check list, hook-1769866.jpgInfluencer Marketing
  • check, check list, hook-1769866.jpgAdvertise on All Web Traffic
  • Advertise on Poocoin
  • Listing on Coingecko
  • Listing on Coinmarketcap – Request ID 391143
  • check, check list, hook-1769866.jpgContract Audit
  • AirDrop Campaign
  • Listing on Centralized Exchange (CEX)
  • Play-To-Earn $JSI Game
  • Trust Wallet Logo
  • Increase Marketing
  • Jade Shiba Blog
  • AirDrop Campaign
  • Jade Shiba Swap
  • Continue Listing on Centralized Exchange (CEX)
  • Continue to Increase Marketing
  • Jade Shiba Online Store
  • Jade Shiba Clothing Line
  • AirDrop Campaign
  • Research and Develop (R&D) Launch Pad for Moon Landing
  • Colonizing the Moon
  • 1.  Download Trust Wallet from Google Play or iOS App Store

    2.  Purchase Binance Smart Chain or BNB through Trust Wallet “Buy” button or transfer in BNB from Centralized Exchange

    3.  Navigate to DApps and scroll down to DeFi section  where you will find PancakeSwap, iPhone users may need to use WalletConnect (see linked video), select  PANCAKESWAP 

    4.  Click “Select a Token” and enter contract address into the search field, and you will be able to find JSI (Jade Shiba Inu), confirm the the token import.

    5.  Before swapping, click on the gear (settings) icon and set the slippage tolerance to 10-14%

    6.  Set the amount of BNB tokens you want to swap for JSI and click the Swap button

    7.  Confirm/Approve the Transaction



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